Welcome to 50!

Turning 50 is a monumental event. I always imagined that at half a century I would be a wise, strong, balanced, kind, confident and powerful woman who had it all figured out.

As it turns out - I'm the same person I've always been. Getting to 50 is the same as getting to any age of your life. Just trying to be the best person you can be.

Cheers! G

Goals for 50

Turning 50 feels like a chance for the biggest New Year's Resolutions I've ever made. Half way to a hundred. Half way (maybe a bit more) through my life. And generally, just a wonderful round number for aspiring to bigger and better things.

I've set more goals for myself than I could ever count, and once in a while I even achieve them - but in all honestly, my success stats in that department aren't good. The goals for turning 50, I want to be different. I want to set goals that are truly achievable, instead of hopefully optimistic. I want to set goals that make me feel better physically and mentally and emotionally, instead of goals based on what other people think is good for me. I want to set goals that improve my life all through this coming year, and then afterward, into my 50s and longer.

The fist goals on my list are the most basic ones-

1. I want to journal, think, and write here throughout the year. It doesn't have to be every day, but I am going to aim for that.

2. I want to get my body back into shape - lose about 20 lbs and exercize.

3. I want to get into better financial condition and stop living hand to mouth.


  1. I'm excited about turning 50! I know it's just a number but I plan for my 50th year of life to be EPIC! It's a good excuse to do all those things i've always wanted but told myself later!

    1. I totally agree! What is something that you want to do that you've been putting off? I think I am going to put "learn to play the piano" on my goals list. :)